Hand Crafted Possum Boxes

The hand crafted Brush-Tail Possum Box, a new addition for wildlife accessories is now available for sale online or by phone order (07 3277 5672).

possum-small-1The box is a product of years of careful on-site research by some of the most experience wildlife carers in S.E.Q…. Its design, form, size, durability and maximum safety for any tenant, suitable for both urban and forest Brush Tail… (two way portholes and flip up lid reinforces the checked in hinged escape top and stop).

This objective brings some alternative to the currently available commercial and back yard death traps that should never be allocated to a forest to begin with.

The visually pleasing Brush Tail Box, is made of the best material available and workmanship of round corners, arrised and bevelled edging for minimum fraying and splintering. This coupled with silky oak landings, bracing and trimming afford the box maximum life expectancy for the initial honest effort…. and we see no sense in short cut foreign production… ($60 stapled together jobs).

The production and sale of this box is two-way….. that for every two boxes sold at retail, one box shall be allocated free of any cost to a selected non-profit and unaided wildlife carer.possum-small-2

The Brush Tail Box can also double as a Kookaburra box if so preferred by the inclusion of an easily placed and removable raised platform for proper nesting height.

It retails for $210 – subject to small annual increases
Best regards to both public and wildlife carers!
…..Robert Ross/Case Franken

Phone 07 32775672 (Case)


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