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Clive’s quality aviaries has evolved from the need to provide housing for his own bird collection. To work well, bird cages and aviaries have to take the needs of each particular bird into account as each species can have their own individual requirements. Of course the aviary still needs to be easy to keep clean and maintain for the owner as well.

The right bird aviary is fundamental to keeping your birds happy and healthy, whether you’re a serious bird breeder or just like to keep a couple of “feathered friends” in the back yard.

Different species of birds have different needs for housing depending on their size and country of origin.

large aviaryYour choice of aviary can make all the difference when you’re breeding birds. Birds who are not comfortable in their “home” will not breed well, if at all.

Birds need to feel secure before they attempt to bring their offspring into the world and the correct aviary for your birds will ensure optimal success in your breeding program.

Of course aviaries have to be people friendly too! They should have easy access for cleaning and feeding and also look good and blend in with your home environment. Or perhaps be designed to be the focal point of your garden.custom built aviary

Clive’s aviaries are custom designed to suit both you and your birds. They are of sturdy construction, easily maintained with easy access to feed and water stations. Only quality materials are used. Our aviaries are based in Brisbane, Queensland ( Qld ), Australia.

Clive will discuss your needs with you before agreeing on the type and size needed. He uses only quality materials for construction and his prices are more than competitive as well. A large bird aviary built by Clive will not cost as much as elsewhere!

suspended aviary with walkwayThe main aviary types are the ground aviary (or conventional aviary), the hexagonal aviary and the suspended aviary. The different types all have their special features and uses.

As well as aviaries, Clive also specializes in chicken runs, cat runs, guinea pig cages – in fact any type of cage or enclosure you could possibly dream up!

We have also built many dog cages, either free standing or fitted to the back of a ute or trailer.

customised dog cageIf you have any inquiries or would like to contact Clive, simply go to the contact page, or call us on  0412 118 343.

Just ask any questions you like, we’re here to help! We service most areas in southern Qld.

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We are currently selling show boxes for birds that comply with the RSPCA guidelines.

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