Custom Built Aviaries

Custom Built Aviaries to Suit All Backyards

Not all backyards are created equal and not all birds require the same type of space. Take for instance a larger bird like a Macaw. These majestic birds need some room to move around, but if a full size garden aviary is out of the question, they do very well in a larger custom built aviary.

Aviaries made to order

This fellow below is apparently doing very well in his new home…

custom built aviary

Here is another example of a stock cage which the bird owner wanted to be made larger than the standard size. Please excuse the background as this was taken in the workshop.

It’s possible, within the constraints of wire and colorbond size, to tailor make your aviary to suit your own requirements. Of course the larger the size, the more difficult transportation will be.

aviaries built to order

Here is a great idea for the summer heat. This aviary has been sized to fit neatly under a house. The birds still get the benefits of being outdoors but are always under shelter and safe from storms.

custom built aviary
Just ask and Clive will tell you if your design is possible or not. Some may have to be built as a flat pack. He may also suggest an alternate design which may suit you and your birds better.


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  1. Hi there, I was just enquiring about a pigeon cage. I found a pigeon and need a cage made for it. I plan to put a dove in with the pigeon. So there will only be 2 birds in the cage. Its needs are a little different from that of a normal cage. It needs to have the feeders on the outside of the cage, so it can put its head through the wire to feed. I’m thinking of a size around 1.5 m h,l x d. This is just an idea, as you’re the aviary expert. Please let me know if you could make something like this & an approximate cost.
    Thank you and hear from you soon

  2. Hi. I’ve been given a 30yr old female cockatoo who has been used to having free run in her former owner’s yard & had a sunroom to herself. When I’m not home, Cockie lives in 100 x 100 x150cm cage, gifted to us with the bird but I would rather have her out in an aviary, preferably something I could move around our acreage occasionally. She likes to dig & pull up weeds, so I was thinking that a wide mesh floor would be suitable, or even floorless. I like the look of your 6 x 4 Alternate Design. How much would it cost to build & deliver to the Gold Coast, please?

  3. I am a wildlife carer and I am about to apply for a council grant for a 4 mtre x 2.4 mtr aviary to house lorikeets ready for soft release. Would you be able to send me a written quote? If you have to make it in two modules and then connect it once delivered, thats ok.

  4. Clive , I would like an aviary measurements ,3metres by 1metre with the door in the end,left side end.Would this be possibleand an approximate price.I cant do it till after Xmasbut definately want it.
    Thank you

  5. Hi,
    Was just wanting to know how much it would cost for a 1.5m hight, 1.5m width & 1.5m length cage with a door would cost?
    Its for a possum.


  6. Hi,
    Was just wanting to know how much it would cost for a 1.5m hight, 1.5m width & 1.5m length cage with a door would cost?
    Its for a possum.

  7. hi
    clive do you still make avaries
    we live in nsw in the hunter valley
    we need a pigeon loft made would you know any one who makes them
    or can you make one and ship it to us

  8. Hi Clive, I am breeding indian ringnecks and would like a double aviary but with safety entrances fitted as well. Thanks

  9. I had an aviary which had a tree fall on it and I am keen to replace it. I have had a new 3mx3m slab laid and I want to house medium size birds such as cockatiels. I live in Sydney and can construct the aviary if supplied. I can supply more details of what I am looking for if required.
    Thank you

    Tim Murray

  10. Hi,
    we have just acquired a young sulphur crested cocky. I already have an old aviary with a rather cranky galah and some smaller parrots in one part of the yard and a larger aviary for rescued baby possums with a soft release chute, in another part of the yard.
    We don’t have a lot of room, but we have a plinth approximately 1250 x 2405 that I think would be ok to set up an aviary for the cocky.
    I’d need a walk-in door on the shorter end, the wire would need to be a heavier gauge than normal bird wire I guess and I need it rat-proof as we sometimes get bush rats.
    A roof height of 2m should be sufficient.
    Would you be able to give me a quote please?

  11. Hi, I have several cockatiels, 18 to be exact and recently rats got into my aviary and killed three in a single night, it was devastating, so I am in the process of designing a new aviary. What I am looking at is 2.5 metre wide, 3.7 metre length, 2 metres high, rodent and snake proof wire, and an enclosed area at one end to keep feed and other supplies walking with a double door system. To be installed on a concrete slab. What could you quote for a job like this? I also live North of Brisbane at Ocean View, so transport and installation would be a must.

    regards Lee Daly

  12. Hi, I want an aviary, that has a gable/ slanted roof, I want an alcove so I can walk in, shut door behind me, before opening the aviary.
    I am not sure how big size wise but I also want a section that can be partitioned off at times for several breeding pairs.
    I have budgies.
    All must be snake & vermin proof.
    Must be easy to put together.
    Regards Glenys

  13. Hello, I am wondering how much a custom built quail aviary would be. I am thinking dimensions around 5.5 feet tall, width=7 feet, length 6 ft. Please let me know. I am looking to get quails fairly soon.
    Kristen in Ohio.

  14. Hi looking to build Custom aviary for my birds in my bunnies my phone number is 770-718-7133 text me if you are interested thank you

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