Chicken Cages

Chicken Cages – Sturdy and Predator Proof

It’s always a pleasure to have a few chickens clucking around the back yard. Not to mention the benefit of free eggs!

To keep your chooks safe from foxes and other predators, it’s best to have a sturdy, fully enclosed chicken cage for them to return to at night.

For new chook owners, keep your chooks in the cage for a few days. After that you’ll find they can be let out during the day and will return to their cage at dusk. Just make sure the door is securely fastened when they’re back inside.

Our chicken coops are designed for easy access and a convenient opening for collecting eggs. We can include nest boxes too.

The following photos feature a large chook cage, taken from different angles.




This cage is also suitable for cats. Measurements are 1,600 wide, 1,800 high and 4 meters in length. It can be in two parts if required. there is easy access for nest boxes or shelves if using as a cat cage.

We also have chicken tractors. These are for a small number of chooks and can be easily moved from place to place, giving the chicken fresh grass every time.

Cages can be built in different sizes and designs. Simply call us to order your new cage. They are suitable for just a couple of chickens or for however many you have.


10 Replies to “Chicken Cages”

  1. Hi

    I am looking to get a night enclosure for my 15 chickens (May get to 20) I thought this cage could be a good option. They have plenty of space to free range during the day so I would need access for them to go in and out on their own. I would need some nest boxes to. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. Hi
    Im interested in your cat cage.

    How much for 2, (delivered) and a couple of ledges inside for the cats to jump on, and some shelves in the house part?

    I am in Capalaba Brisbane.

    1. further to the above question,
      we would need it to be 2m (6″ ) in height.

      how much for one and how much for two.


      1. I would be interested in exactly the same answer that Dee asked for two cat runs please. I Live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Also how long would it take to supply.

  3. Hi Clive

    I am interested in buying a chicken coop for breeding ducklings/chickens. I have been using three wooden coops but they are now on their last legs and obtaining one made from steel has been suggested to me by the guys at Park Ridge Produce.

    Any information would be appreciated.


  4. we are China supplier for supply quantity of hex wire netting,chain link fence, welded wire mesh,
    Once you needed it,Please contact with us freely

  5. Hi Clive

    The large chook cage looks like a great set up. I live up in the Sunshine Coast hinterland (Flaxton) and was wondering what my options were to try and get something like this up here?

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