Conventional Aviaries

Conventional Aviaries are Attractive and Suit Most Bird Species

Here are some  photos of conventional aviaries (ground aviaries) ..

Double 6×4 Aviary

conventional aviary

This double 6×4 with kick plate ground aviary is ideal for small grass parrots, conures, rosellas or lorrikeets. Divided in the middle for separating different species. A double layer of wire between the sections will discourage neighborhood brawls 🙂

All our aviaries are made from colorbond & galvanised 25 ml steel tubing. (Waratah wire – yes we still have some supply – is available on request)

These are quality materials which are strong, attractive and weatherproof. The wire used is either 12.5 x 12.5, or 25 x 12.5. Heavy duty wire is also available for larger birds (with strong beaks!)

6×4 Alternate Design

alternate ground aviary

Another type of 6×4 with kick plate which has an internal shelf for food and water trays and feed door.

This would be ideal for finches and small grass parrots.

4 Single Aviaries

Four single aviaries joined together seen here in a garden setting. Dimensions – 1 meter wide, 1.8 high x 1.8 long.

Certain colours are available, certain shades of green, beige, cream, wheat and red. Some other colours are subject to availability.

UPDATE 2020 – We are having difficulty obtaining several colours at the moment. The lighter cream colours and white are still available. We can sometimes obtain ‘Monument’ (dark grey) but the cost is higher for this colour.

4 single aviaries joined

Custom Built Aviary

All types of aviaries are available. This is a custom built aviary sitting on a cement block. Because of the large size, this aviary is suitable for all types of birds. It would look wonderful as a planted aviary too, full of different coloured finches.

If planting an aviary, omit the concrete floor of course!

conventional aviary on cement block

NB. For larger birds such as Sulphur Crests, heavy duty wire can be used instead.

All aviaries can be fitted with feed doors and wire feed trays at no extra cost.

Pallet Aviary

pallet aviary

The compact “pallet aviary” measures 110 x 110 cm (1800 high) and is popular for small patios or back gardens.

Called the pallet aviary because it fits comfortably on a wooden pallet, this cage is suitable for budgies, cockatiels, peach faces. galahs and other small to medium hand raised birds. Also available in heavy duty mesh.

This aviary has been made out of Paperbark colorbond. Of course other colours are available.

Two 6×4 Aviaries

Twin 6×4 aviaries standing side by side, suitable for cockatiels, budgies and most medium sized birds. Because they are actually separate cages, there is a double layer of wire in between them which discourages fighting between neighbours 🙂

2 6 x 4 aviaries side by side

We also build chicken runs, cat runs (keep out of trouble with the local council!) Guinea Pig cages, puppy play pens and others.

Most of these aviaries can be customized to the bird owner’s specifications.

Clive is one of the most experienced aviary makers in Qld. He can offer advice on the best aviary to suit your particular bird and your specific situation.

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34 Replies to “Conventional Aviaries”

  1. Hi Clive
    i like the idea of the 4 single avaries together. Would it be possible to do them in 1.2m wide x 1.8 high x 2.4 long ? This would give me some extra space if we decided to breed.

    Many thanks
    Gayle Mann

    1. Hey,
      We are after an aviary that is 5m x 5m square. We had a professionally poured concrete block to put it on.
      Can we get a quote on a custom design?
      We would like 6.5 x 6.5 stainless steel mesh.
      We are also keen to get built in feeders.

  2. How far is your area of coverage. We live in Gympie Qld. What could be the cost of a double 6×4 aviary.

  3. Hi,

    Just wondering the cost of the double 6×4 aviaries as well as the Pallet aviary. How much is delivery also to 4510. Thanks.

    1. I’m sure I have asked for some info previously and not received a reply. I’m after a 1m x 3m aviary (so they can fly) with a covered in end and a couple of shelves. Also a full door on the opposite end and a kick plate all around. Can you give me an idea of cost and delivery and installation please to Fitzgibbon?

      1. Please don’t request information in the comments section. This just goes to website admin. Please use the contact page. Thanks.

  4. Hi are you able to get these aviaries in Melbourne, or delivered ? and if so how much are they to deliver ?
    The Pallet cost to buy ?
    The 4 Singles cost to buy?
    The Double 6×4 cost to buy?

  5. we would like to view your patio aviary – can you advise where we might be able to do this …. we live in the Browns Plains region

  6. I’m after a single aviary for 4 cockatiels living with 6 budgies. Maybe a 6×4 but with a section of wire roof for sun and rain and the wire on the long side for visibility. Also with a shelf to put breeding boxes across the back and a shelf for food and water.
    I am on the north-side of Brisbane. What sort of cost am I looking at please?

  7. Hi,

    can you please provide a price on your patio aviary? Are these okay for open patios? Does it dismantle for easy transport?


  8. Clive asks, “Please don’t request information in the comments section. This just goes to website admin. Please use the contact page. Thanks.” Let’s do it.

  9. Could make me a 6×4 aviary but with 4 sections as I have found that that works well with my neophemas. I am located in Warwick QLD


  10. Hi Clive,

    Can you please tell me the cost of the pallet aviary 110mx110m? I work for Frankston Youth Services and am inquiring on the behalf of a young person involved in animal studies at VCAL.

    Many Thanks,

  11. Can you please give me the price of the patio aviary and the pallet aviary as we soon will have 5 cockatiels and one budgie to be housed in it or something suitable thanks Pam

  12. 4 Single Aviaries
    Dimensions – 1 meter wide, 1.8 high x 1.8 long. how much and can you put in safety door , Double 6×4 Aviary and can you price with safety door or do you do 3 x 6×4 Aviary so what i mean by safety door 1 door going to birds so birds can not get out and then door inside to the next aviary

  13. Looking for custom aviary for a macaw. Will need to be able to insulate in winter and withstand heat in summer, location (South Texas).

  14. Hi, looking for aviary. I quite like the idea of 2 single aviaries joined together. Can you provide a price for this? Are they shipped assembled or is there assembly required? Also live in Queensland. Thanks

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