Suspended Aviaries

Suspended aviaries are easy to keep clean

As well as being easy to maintain, suspended aviaries make sense for bird owners who live on acreage properties, especially those with a dam or near a creek. This is because there is more danger from snakes in these areas.

They also provide some protection from mice. Mice will steal your birds’ seed, leave their droppings in the cage and also be an added attraction for snakes.

Mice can burrow through the ground in a conventional ground aviary, unless it is seated on a concrete floor. Even a layer of stones on the bottom of an aviary will not not deter mice :(.

6 Suspended Aviaries

Although this may look like a bank of aviaries, it’s actually 6 single suspended aviaries in a row.

suspended aviaries

Suspended aviaries can be built to any size. Smaller ones can be combined as double or triple suspended aviaries.

Suspended cages are a good option for those on water restrictions as they are self cleaning, most of the droppings and waste food will fall through the wire bottom. This also provides some food for wild birds, who will collect under the cage to polish off the scraps.

They can be built with a full colorbond roof or half colorbond & half wire so the birds can have some exposure to the weather.

Triple Suspended Aviary

triple s

We also build chicken runs, cat runs (keep out of trouble with the local council!) guinea pig cages and other types of enclosures.

Most of these aviaries can be customized to the bird owner’s specifications.

Clive is one of the most experienced aviary makers in Qld. He can offer advice on the best aviary to suit your breed of bird and your location.

We have suspended aviaries for sale in Brisbane Queensland ( Qld ).


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  1. could you make me a possum aviary? needs vermin and snake proof wire 2x2x3. Doesn’t need walls or roof. I will place logs and nest box inside. Cost? delivery cost? pick up? flat pack option and I’ll assemble it?



  2. Hi
    I’m interested in buying 3 single suspended aviaries.

    Can you please send me a price and pictures of the back and inside as you only have the front view on your website.


    1. I am interested in the 6 bay suspended aviary on your web page. I would like them as 1 or 2 bays for ease of transport. Can you provide price per bay and send some additional photos of back. Also dimensions of bays.

    2. Hello,
      I would like a price for a triple suspended aviary big enough for a pair of eclectus parrots in each.

    3. Hi,
      I’m interested in buying the triple suspended aviary. Can I have the dimentions and the price. Do you delivery to Carindale area e how much it cost.


  3. Hi
    Im interested in the 3 bay aviary you have on web page , what are the dimensions and price and could you send a few more pic’s as well please. I also live at Moorooka were are you located ?

  4. Hi
    Im interested in the 6 bay single suspended aviary in a row you have on web page , what are the dimensions and price and could you send a few more pic’s as well please. I also live at Ipswich were are you located ?

  5. Hi I would please like to know how much it would cost me for a 3 bay Aviary I want a surspended one. I live at Glasshouse Mountains Queensland

      1. Hi how much are the suspended aviaries x6 bay and what are the dimensions like width an height and length of 6 bays in total

  6. Hi there..
    How much for a 5 bay suspended aviary??
    Do you have a shop where we can come look/buy avaries from you please? ?

  7. Hi, looking to get 6 suspended aviaries, each aviary to be 600 wide x 900 high x 2400 long. Would this be built in a bank or separately. What options can you advise on for delivery as I’m in nsw just outside newcastle. Thanks

  8. Hi Clive
    I’m looking for a price on a suspended aviary,1.5 wide,3m long and 1.5 high
    Thanks Sue.

  9. I just wanted the size on the triple suspended aviary u are showing on this page and a price to thanks

  10. I am very interested in a 3 sectional avairy, I leIve in Topeka,Ks., can you ship themI would want to make sure raccoons and snakes couldn’t get in them.Price also. Thank you

  11. I am very interested in a 3 sectional avairy, I leIve in Topeka,Ks., can you ship themI would want to make sure raccoons and snakes couldn’t get in them.Price also. Thank you

  12. I moved to The Valley and I am right next to a creek. Birds are in my garage now which also got holes 🙁 qld

    I need a snake proof aviary. Quote pls for an alexandine and Indian Ringneck free flighted birds


  13. Hi Clive please can you send me a quote on two suspended 3 cage aviaries please. Kind regards, Tom

  14. Could I get a quote for 2 snakeproof bird cages to house a scaly breasted lorikeet and a rainbow lorikeet. We have had a python get into one of the cages suspended from the roof of our pergola. We would still like to be able to suspend it from the roof of the pergola and for it to be big enough for movement but light enough to lift down to bring inside to do their food and clean the cage. Thanks

  15. Hello , I’m just interested in the price of a single suspended Avery please? And is it possible to get slide out tray bottoms?

  16. Hi Clive, I am interested in a 3 bay suspendec aviary with each bay split in 2. Are you able to provide me with a general ballpark in price at all? I live at Bellmere near Caboolture. Thanks, Melinda

  17. Hi Clive
    Please could you give me the dimensions for a 2 bay raised finch Aviary. Dimensions of the cage and the total height with raised legs.

    Thank you

  18. Hello wondering if you still make the 6 bay suspended in 6mm.Half roof area covered with iron half wire and can they be flat packed & erected on site. T I A

  19. I’m looking for sliding mech doors you have in your picture of your aviarys.
    They slide up and down
    They need to be at least 300mil wide and at least that or more in depth.
    After a price and details to order .

  20. Hi Clive, it’s Spencer Jones here. I’ve talked to you before. I’m wondering if you have any single suspension aviaries in stock and what is there priced.

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