7 Ideas For Lining The Bottom of Your Aviary

If you’re like most people you’re currently lining the bottom of your aviary with newspaper. Although this is not a bad idea and can work perfectly fine, you may want to browse through these other ideas to see if you like any of them better. Some of these suggestions may save you some time and trouble when it comes time to clean out the bottom of the cage.

1. Wood shavings – Wood shavings are very absorbent and can be used to line the bottom of your aviary. Some people find it to be less messy than newspaper due to its absorbency. Feathers and seeds are less likely to scatter when the birds get excited and start flapping their wings.

2. Wood pellets – These are also very absorbent and pretty much serve the same purpose as wood shavings. The decision to use pellets over shavings would boil down to which one is the cheapest or on sale.

3. Aluminum foil – It’s easy to clean up your bird’s mess when you line the bottom of your aviary with aluminum foil. Simply fold up the edges of the foil and then start making larger folds. You’ll be able to scoop up all the mess without leaving any behind.

4. Brown paper – If you have a large aviary you can purchase giant rolls of brown paper to use at the bottom of the cage. This type of paper is easy to roll up when it’s time for a cleaning.

5. Fleece blankets – These can also act as an insulator for the aviary. They are easy to fold or roll up. You’ll end up doing extra laundry if you choose to use blankets at the bottom of your bird cages so be sure to keep that in mind.

6. Waxed paper – This is a handy idea if you want to avoid scrubbing the bottom pans all the time. Since the waxed paper doesn’t absorb liquid, nothing can leak through and reach the pans located at the bottom of the cage. You’ll have to try this one for yourself to see if a non-absorbent paper is something you can work with in your bird cages.

7. Shop on eBay – There are tons of different paper rolls available on eBay at discounted prices. If you’re finding it difficult to get enough free newspaper, this is a good option to explore. If you are using newspaper on the bottom of your aviary and haven’t explored any of your other options, you may want to do so.

Some of the suggestions listed above may save you a lot of time and energy when you need to clean the cage. They are also a good alternative for people that are constantly scrounging around for enough newspaper to keep the cages lined.


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve used river sand on the bottom of my aviary and its perfect! Available from some plant nursery’s.


  2. We use fake grass from Bunnings. Roll it up everyday and dump it into the compost. Hose it off once a week or so.

  3. I sometimes use paperbark from the tree on my nature strip – it’s Reasonably absorbent, It’s a native species and it looks really nice in the cage and also keeps the nature strip tidy, it can sometimes get a little messy tho

  4. I used cusion flooring sealed all around then i put news papers down but i moped floor twice maybe 3 times aweek with dettol while birds was out in flight till it dryed proper and wipe the walls down sometime i would put straw down they loved that x

  5. I use to use wood shavings from my local DIY store that was 2 pound a big bag. But when it got wet it didnt dry out and started to smell. Also binning it got me in trouble with her in doors. Now im trying compost 120 litre bails (9 quid from Wicks). Looks good and the birds peck away in it. The quail seem to take to it but I leave a bit of floor over to their strew bedding. Im planning on racking out the droppings when it gets heavy. Lets see what you think folks?

  6. I am trying bought compost for my aviary. I keep quail and they scratch about in it and find seed that my birds chuck out of the hoppers. I rake it over every now and then. Seems to work well as I can reuse it for the garden when too soiled.

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