Birds For Sale

blue-fronted-amazon-1We have a few Blue Fronted Amazon babies for sale. Some are still in the nest and some are with the hand-raiser. There are six available at the time of writing.

There are two confirmed females. The rest have not been sexed yet. Please call the number on our contact page.

Just check out the photos above and below. The first are of the babies and the last photo is Mum and Dad.






How to Avoid Metal Poisoning in Birds

safe bird cageDo you own a pet bird? If so you probably already know the dos and don’ts to keep your pet healthy. There are many things to look out for and to be careful of so that your pet doesn’t get sick or become injured. Feeding your bird the best diet for his species, keeping him clean and providing fresh water are all primary concerns. What is less well known, however, is metal poisoning. This can be a potential risk when you own a pet bird.

Don’t buy a cheap birdcage! A good quality birdcage that you buy in the shops should be safe enough. The bars will be made either of stainless steel or they will be plastic coated. Feeding utensils are generally made of quality steel, or you can buy plastic or ceramic feeders. Toxic metals to avoid are lead and zinc.

One area you need to be aware of is a bird aviary that is kept outside. These are great for birds as they are able to spread their wings and get plenty of healthy exercise. You’ll need to check the wire that surrounds the aviary though. Unless it was manufactured with quality wire, there may be dags, or small pieces of wire that can come loose when the bird chews on them.

A simple way to find these is to run your hand gently over the wire. If it feels rough, chances are it has dags and you’ll need to wash it down well with a scrubbing brush and vinegar before putting any birds inside. This is a tedious job, but one that needs to be done for the health of your pet. Continue reading “How to Avoid Metal Poisoning in Birds”


Aviary Supplies – Wire and Colorbond

Aviary Wire

All our aviaries are now constructed using high quality stainless steel wire obtained from Stainless Mesh Australia.

Although we still have some Australian made Waratah wire, this has now ceased production here and supplies are limited.

Stainless steel is preferred by aviculturists due to it’s longer lifespan. it’s safer for birds as it has no loose strands or ‘dags” which can cause heavy metal poisoning.

It also doesn’t warp or twist, so wastage is cut to a minimum. It also rolls out very straight which makes for a better appearance.

Stainless steel wire has a lifespan of around 20 years. It is constructed from quality steel wire that is zinc coated after welding, giving a bright shiny and even appearance.

The best thing is that this particular wire doesn’t need scrubbing before putting your birds in!

Colorbond for aviary building

Colorbond depends on supply at the moment. Also colours do vary and not all colours are available. Please contact me as prices vary with the quality.

Due to a downturn in the building industry, colorbond is not as freely available as it was, but this could change at some stage.