Aviary Supplies – Wire and Colorbond

Aviary Wire

All our aviaries are now constructed using high quality stainless steel wire obtained from Stainless Mesh Australia.

Although we still have some Australian made Waratah wire, this has now ceased production here and supplies are limited.

Stainless steel is preferred by aviculturists due to it’s longer lifespan. it’s safer for birds as it has no loose strands or ‘dags” which can cause heavy metal poisoning.

It also doesn’t warp or twist, so wastage is cut to a minimum. It also rolls out very straight which makes for a better appearance.

Stainless steel wire has a lifespan of around 20 years. It is constructed from quality steel wire that is zinc coated after welding, giving a bright shiny and even appearance.

The best thing is that this particular wire doesn’t need scrubbing before putting your birds in!

Colorbond for aviary building

Colorbond depends on supply at the moment. Also colours do vary and not all colours are available. Please contact me as prices vary with the quality.

Due to a downturn in the building industry, colorbond is not as freely available as it was, but this could change at some stage.


8 Replies to “Aviary Supplies – Wire and Colorbond”

  1. What is the cost on a roll of this Esifort wire roll? How long does it take to ship to California ?

  2. Hi Clive, I got a 3 bay suspended aviary from you last year. I’m wondering what the price is now. Also, I’d be interested in an approximate price on some budgie breeding cabinets.
    I’ll be looking forward to your reply. My breeding cabinets are pretty much past their ”use by” date !!

  3. Hi. I’m looking for avairy wire very small gauge (squares) to house finches for 1.8metre or 2.4m high roll please. Preferably green galvanised or green coated
    Lorraine m

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